About Tamilore Areola Foundation (TAF)

Oluwatamilore Areola - A Gift From God

Tamilore Areola Foundation (TAF)​

The Tamilore Areola Foundation is an establishment aimed at Charity, Entrepreneurship, and Health Care. Our goal is to touch lives in the exact ways that Tamilore did.

Tamilore touched many lives, and she did this through gifts, knowledge and care while also bringing the love of God into as many homes as possible.

This foundation is guided by Tamilore's goals and interests which are rooted in the Christian faith and values that embody Christ

Our Vision

Propelled to the service and love of others.

Our Mission

Touch as many lives as possible in the same ways that Tamilore did, through Charity, entrepreneurship and health care

Tamilore Areola Foundation


New Path

We aim to help young entrepreneurs build successful businesses. Our goal is to empower and support budding young entrepreneurs.


Isinmi aims to provide support to people in need of healthcare and help enhance healthcare access in Nigeria.


Our mandate is to show kindness to people in the community through the act of giving and sharing the good news of Christ.

In Our First Year we aim to complete:



New Path

Tamilore had a passion for fashion and a passion for coaching in the industry. 1 workshop will be focused primarily on coaching upcoming fashion designers and the other 2 will be general workshops about entrepreneurship and business planning


Academic Scholarship

Hobart & William Smith Colleges

Tamilore held multiple leadership roles at her Undergraduate College while maintaining excellent academic records through her time there. Her professors and friends have put together a scholarship fund in honor of Tamilore. From this fund, a student who meets the criteria of an all rounded student like Tamilore will be awarded a monetary prize each year.


Health Fund

Isinmi Fund

In honor of our beloved Tamilore, we plan to donate a health fund to a cancer patient under the age of 25 to help with medical expenses of the treatments.


Charity Event

Tamilore's Birthday

On January 10th 2022, we plan to donate gifts and food to an underserved community as Tami loved to give and help the underserved.

Meet Our Team

Timi (FILEminimizer)

Timilehin Areola

Co Founder

Timilehin is Tamilore’s younger sister who graduated with a computer engineering degree and works as a software engineer. Co-Founding a foundation that focuses on the vision and goals that Tamilore had is her way of keeping her sisters legacy and passion alive. She is excited and hopeful about the testimony she believes the foundation would bring to God’s Kingdom and she is fully dedicated to mission of the foundation.

Oyinda (FILEminimizer)

Oyinda Ajayi

Co Founder

Oyinda and Tamilore grew up together from when they were babies up until adulthood and stayed best friends over the years. Oyinda is an electrical engineering graduate and has worked as a management consultant and strategist. She is excited to have co-founded the foundation to honour the work Tamilore started while she was here. Oyinda and Tamilore often discussed Tami’s vision for New Path (a skill-building and training hub Tami started). Oyinda plans to continue to impact the lives of youths in the society, as Tami had wished, through the Foundation.

Jeffrey Adebayo (FILEminimizer)

Jeffery Adebayo

Co Founder

Jeffrey, Tamilore’s fiancé met her at an NGO where they were both volunteers. Jeffrey is a Brand Communications Consultant, with a degree in Banking and Finance. Jeffrey and Tamilore worked on a number of projects together. Her undying passion and selfless heart was evident in every thing she did. All was geared towards making others better and she did so with a sense of necessity and great urgency. Jeffrey is excited about the possibilities of how TAF will touch the world. And he believes this is one of the best ways to show that he loves and misses Tamilore.

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