Jesus, Friend & Lover

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Arise, the generation of believers who know God intimately; Who see Him as He is: our greatest friend and lover.

Welcome Friends,

I’m Tamilore.

My mission here is to help you do relationship with God, without struggle.

“The Lover of Our Being” 

Jesus came to reveal the love of God to you, a love that is greater than any kind the world can ever offer; a love that is romantic, true, unfailing, easy, endlessly indescribable. He has called all people to be His friends and to experience true intimacy with Him. Through these, we can walk with God struggle-free, basking endlessly in His romantic grace.

You should not have to kill yourself to please God or attain His approval. Jesus already did that for you on the cross!!!! In this blog, we are dispelling the lie that God’s love is selective or dependent on our performance, worthiness or lack thereof and we are showing the world that truly Jesus meant it when He called us His friends!

Join us on this exciting journey to exploring the meaning of true friendship with Godromanceeasy relationship and the boundless world of possibilities that can be open to us when we live totally by the leading of the Holy Spirit.

For those who have never quite believed in the Savior Jesus; those who have had many doubts; those who want to know Him but don’t know how; those who never felt adequate; who have grown tired of struggling to please God, to please the world, and/or to please themselves; those who struggle to find meaning and purpose; those who have been fed ill lies about their worth, join the movement and let us show you the answers you seek!!

Some of you might simply want to know God more! Join the party!!

This blog is for everyone!
Because God’s love is for everyone and it is unconditional!

I believe:

  • That every person was carefully created to perfection by God (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit) – Psalms 139:14.
  • That everyone was created for a great purpose and it is in God alone we can find our true identities and purpose in their fullness.- Jeremiah 1:5;29:11; Genesis 1:21.
  •  That God’s love is greater than our wildest imaginations can contain. He wants to be our friend and first love- John 15: 13-15.
  • That we are always perfect and spotless in God’s eyes- Hebrew 4:16; Genesis 1:31.
  • His grace sets us apart for a life of ease rather than struggle, provided we walk in accordance with the Holy Spirit’s leading.- Romans 8:14 & 28; John 16:13.
  • He can make us new. If we let Him, He is able to create beauty from our worst messes – Romans 8:28; Isaiah 1:18.
  • His word is true, powerful, timeless and pertinent to all life situations. It is also strength and life- Psalms 33:4; 2 Tim 3:16; Proverbs 3:8.

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